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Seymour Hersh accuses Obama of rushing to take credit for the al Qaeda leader's death.
She discussed facing comments "rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others."
Seymour Hersh’s report is “garbage,” says SEAL who claims he killed Osama bin Laden.
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OPINION | Candidates are abandoning previous positions to better appeal to primary voters.
Seymour Hersh accuses the White House of mischaracterizing details of bin Laden's death.
GOP lawmakers fuming about the status of the IRS investigation.
“We’re very definitely in a new environment," Jeh Johnson said.
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"We have, what, 75 people running? ... It’s a big field and will be competitive," he said.
The Democrat said proposed amendments in the Senate could kill the bill.
The president’s speech will culminate a three-day memorial for Biden.
“We believe it’s never too late to say thank you,” Obama said.
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